That's Faat

The Pan Asian restaurant shares one of its killer cocktails with us

Faat Baat is the brand new self-proclaimed Pan Asian Restaurant situated in a Dawson's Street basement. Emulating the best of the Asian fusion New York scene, Faat Baat sets itself apart with its GoGo Bar, where a team of mixologists make signature creations to go down with the family sharing, Asian street-food atmos. Here we got a little advice from them on how to make a drink that packs a punch like a tropical island...

Phi Phi Island

10ml Creme De Cassis

15ml passion fruit liquor



Garnish: Physalis Fruit

A very simple but delicious cocktail nothing starts a meal off better than a Phi Phi Island. Brings you back to a state of paradise.

Get a champagne flute and add 10ml of Creme De Cassis (a raspberry liqueur) & 15ml of passion fruit liqueur. Then using the back of a spoon pour in your prosecco very carefully as to not let it mix with the liqueur mixture. This will give you the beautiful contrast of the rich red against the bubbling prosecco. Garnish with a physalis fruit (available at any Asian Supermarket.)

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