This teeth whitening kit will become an essential part of your beauty routine

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Some of the tastiest things in life can stain your teeth. Sorry everyone, but it's true. You might not want to hear it or admit it, but those outside influences can wreak havoc on those pearly whites. Coffee, wine, chocolate and even tea are some of the biggest culprits of staining, but thankfully, there are solutions to this problem which mean you don't have to completely cut out your favourite indulgences.

A brighter smile

Beam is an Irish teeth whitening company which is dedicated to giving you a brighter smile. The kit is easy to use and equipped with everything needed to prevent staining.

As most of us know, teeth whitening is an expensive and time-consuming process. From making the initial appointments to actually going through the motions, it can be difficult for someone who is constantly on the go with work, family and friend commitments.


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The beauty of the Beam kit, however, is how you can use this in the comfort of your own home. No appointments or waiting times required. Just like your cleanse, tone and moisturise trio of steps, it will quickly become an essential component of your beauty routine.

The kit is easy to use and after 20 minutes teeth will already appear several shades lighter.


A downfall for many when it comes to teeth whitening is the heightened sensitivity it can bring to your teeth, especially if you already suffer from the issue. Friends of mine who continually use teeth whitening products say this is one of the main sources of vexation.

Cold drinks to hot food can cause searing pain with many teeth-whitening lovers eventually deciding to stop use. However, Beam is peroxide-free, meaning the product is suitable for sensitive teeth.


Summer dreaming

This kit also won't make your bank accounts cry. Priced at under €50, you are guaranteed to get your money's worth with this kit. Four syringes with the whitening gel are included along with a mouth tray and an LED light which activates the whitening process and everything can be set up in under five minutes. After seven days, your teeth will be noticeably whiter and you can continue to top up throughout the year with the Beam gel refills.

teeth whitening

With summer slowly but surely on the way, we are dreaming of warmer days and summer dresses and everything that comes in between. We are also now thinking of brighter smiles that come with the extra dose of vitamin D we can all look forward to.

And Beam is most certainly the perfect choice to get us there.

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