Team Talk: ‘The Biggest Lesson My Mother Taught Me Is…’

International Women’s Week and Mothers’ Day coincide this weekend, and to celebrate, our team is honouring our mams. Weeks like these remind us of how much they’ve done for us. Not only did they bring us into the world, but they’ve also nurtured us into the strong women we are today. From the practical things like potty training and how to use a washing machine, to the more personal advice on love and friendship, we owe them a lot. Below are just some of the lessons we’ve learnt from our mothers over the years:

“My mam taught me that love and kindness are the most important qualities in a person. She didn’t teach me with words but through her actions. Mam is a full-time carer for my dad, who’s had MS for over 30 years. She looks after his every need without complaining and somehow maintains a really positive outlook on life. She’s kind to our neighbours, their pets, and even the wild birds in the garden (our bird feeder hasn’t been empty since she first hung it up!). She taught me to be warmhearted towards strangers. During the recent Storm Emma, she stopped a woman on the street who was shovelling snow and asked if she’d like any help. Not only did she help with the shovelling, she also nipped home to get the woman a drink of water. Mam taught me to always be kind to other people, be it to family or to strangers, and that’s something I hope to pass on to my own children someday.” - Grace McGettigan, Staff Writer


"You can do anything you want." This might not seem like the soundest advice to give your daughter – in my early teens it was taken in a rebellious way – but now that I'm a bit older I've applied it more practically to my life. Now, I take it as putting my mind to what I want most, not paying any attention to barriers that seem to be in my way, and just going for it! My mom is a really badass lady so having her as an inspiration made anything seem possible. Yay moms!“ - Brenna O’Donnell, Editing Intern



"My mother's rule to live by in this life is one she calls the "two excuse" rule. If letting someone down she has a strict one excuse rule. According to her, if someone is offering more than one excuse for why they are disappointing you or not doing something, then you know they are bullsh*tting you. She is a proponent of a single STRONG excuse for all excusing. This may not seem like such a profound or useful lesson but it actually is saying something about how we communicate, especially as women. My mother's point is that over-apologising or over-excusing is unnecessary. Be straight. If you are saying 'no' to someone, just be direct, explain if you need to but most of all don't go all overkill on the apologising. I see it as an extension of the maxim "Never explain, never complain" attributed to British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli which I love." - Sophie White, Contributor


“I'd be here all night trying to pick just one pearl of wisdom that my mam has provided me with over the years. The main one isn't even something she's explicitly told me. It's more how she is as a person that inspires me. Linda always keeps it real. She's the most genuine person out there. I always remember my dad telling me that from the moment he first met her, she's never disappointed him because what you see is exactly what you get. She's the loveliest person and appears to be quite soft-spoken, but when she has an opinion or an issue, she speaks out. My mam has never had any time for nastiness or slyness and always encouraged me to be myself because I'm "a good and decent person" (thanks mam!). It's something I always carry with me.” - Erin Lindsay, Staff Writer


My mum is a very strong-willed and strong-minded woman. She taught me to always walk into ANY room - anywhere - with anyone (or alone) with my head held high and like I deserve to be there (or in her own words, "like you own the place"). It’s a lesson that I honestly take with me everywhere I go. It seems simple, but it can be very difficult, especially alone!” - Olga Duffy, Advertising Manager Image Interiors and Living


“My mum doesn't have any specific phrases as far as life advice goes, but I've always noticed the way she goes above and beyond to show a bit of kindness to every person she meets throughout her day. Whether it's the man at the fruit stall or the woman on the phone from the call centre, my mum always manages to make them feel special in some way. Her example has taught me a lot through the years, and it's something I continue to try to emulate as much as I can.” - Geraldine Carton, Staff Writer


"I had a turbulent time growing up: I spent most of my teen and early-adult life in hospital and throughout all the challenges, pain, friends, boyfriends, ups and downs, my mam remained the only constant. She willed me to get up during days when I thought I no-longer could. She taught me to be stronger than I ever imagined I could be, and I'll carry that with me for life." Niamh O'Donoghue, Digital Leader



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