Taylor Swift Is No Longer The Most Followed Person On Instagram

In our modern times, a celebrity's worth is more or less valued by the amount of people who choose to scroll through their online photo album. A harsh reality, but a true one nonetheless. ?And we can thank Instagram, the'modern coliseum of celebrity and fastest growing social media site of the moment, for this. It's a makeshift battleground with all sides vying for millions of heart-shaped likes, and powerplays?are constantly fluctuating; just because you're 'in' today doesn't mean you'll be top of the hit list tomorrow.

For a long time, it was I'll-never-sing-country-music-again icon Taylor Swift who held the esteemed 'Queen of Instagram' trophy with Kim K and Beyonc? lagging close behind. They have all been dethroned thanks to teen sensation Selena Gomez, who pipped Swift to the post with her 69.6 million followers - impressive, no? Her posts are genuine, fun, without ego, and she looks good all the time - something that her devoted fans appreciate no doubt. Will this cause unrest in Swift's seemingly unbreakable Girl Squad, though? (Gomez is a member). Time will tell.

But who are the ultra-famous faces behind the remaining popular accounts? Who is so close to the top spot they'd give up their most favoured award statuette to get there?


Taylor Swift

The difference between herself and Gomez is scant; Swift's followers amount to 69.3 million, but we'd imagine she's feeling the heat from all corners of the we-hate-Taylor side of cyberspace. Her Insa-life is perfect, full of cats and romantic gifts from Calvin Harris, so it's very clicky. Plus, she has loads of equally attractive and talented BFF's which takes her street cred up a notch.

Kim Kardashian


The Kardashian antics are as debatable as ever, but Kim gives a good Instagram game. Naked selfies aside, the woman has entrepreneurial skills when it comes to marketing herself. She knows what her 63.8 million fans want and let's be honest; Kim put Instagram on the map well before anyone else jumped on that bandwagon. She also posts many cute family snaps, which even we admit to cooing over.


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Beyonc?'s photo feed is pretty typical for a celebrity in that it looks incredible. She's?classy, elegant and with 63.2 million followers, who are we to argue with her?

Ariana Grande

all red repping the #MacAidsFund tonight - thank you @luxurylaw I luhhhhh you

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Grande's feed is a mixture of self-indulgent snaps, cute puppies and memes from all corners of the internet, but her big draw is fan interaction. She's constantly in the know with her fanbase, replying to them directly and generally treating them well. Which is good, because she barely acknowledged'she had any last year with her diva-ish behaviour. She's more humbled now, and it's relatively safe to say that her 63.3 million followers forgive her.

Justin Bieber

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Unless you're a true Blieber, you'll have little idea of his appeal. But he's on top of his musical game at the moment, and everyone has pulled some of the moves from the Sorry video on the dancefloor at this stage. Regret?nothing or his 61.7 million followers will have words for you.

Kendall Jenner


March Vogue by @inezandvinoodh

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Jenner has swiftly cemented herself in the millennial wave of Insta-models who are using the platform as a tool to mould themselves into a lifestyle brand. She appears coolly distant from her fanbase, letting her work as a model do the talking. And with 51.5 million followers, she's doing something right.

Kylie Jenner

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Lip kits, nail varnish, no matter what she sells, the products will be gone before you can blink. The woman is on fire in the world of beauty produce. Like her sisters before her, she knows what she's doing and her 51.4 million fans approve.

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