Take Me With You! These Pets Make The Best Travelling Companions

It has been scientifically proven that looking at pictures of adorable animals gives us a mood boost, makes us feel good and increases our productivity at work. Though most of us are happily not working this weekend, these cute pictures of fluffy pets abjectly refusing to allow their owners to travel without them should tug at your heartstrings and help?the positive?feelings flow.

Pet owners who have endured the trauma of leaving their beloved animals behind will suitably be able to identify with these snaps, posted by Reddit users who try, in vain, to pack a suitcase. The pictures have suddenly gone viral and quite frankly, make us never want to leave home without our best friends again. Also, this should'might perk up your?afternoon as well.

Dog travel 1

"You are aware that this is my new bed, right?" Reddit

Cat travel


"Where exactly do you think you're going without us?" Reddit


"You can't go because there will be no room for us or our stuff." Reddit

?980x (4)

"I'm staying here. And that's final." Reddit?


980x (1)

"PLEASE Don't Go." Reddit

980x (5)

"Two Against one." Reddit?

980x (6)

A perfect fit for hand luggage? Reddit


Packing to move and this is the help I get. #hazel #packing #useless #moving #sheisnohelp

A photo posted by Karissa Layson (@kisslayson) on

980x (7)

"There's plenty of room for me and my toys." Reddit

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