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Swiping a screen and tapping a keypad keeps us ever-present with a constant stream of texts, emails and snap chats. We think it's high time we used our smartphone to flex more than our fingers and thumbs. Download these able bodied apps to help kick start your health kick.

Sugar Counter: How to shop without sugar
Supermarkets can be a foodie minefield. Dodging end-aisle offers and saccharine loaded checkouts is a mental battle that often gives way to a craving-and-caving purchase. Arm yourself with the knowledge of a nutritionist and power through your next weekly with a database of over 1,400 foods, branded and generic, to ensure a healthier basket with no hidden nasties.
At the App Store and Google Play, ?0.99.

Buddhify 2
Switching off, chilling out and taking time are easier said than done. We know the power of a peaceful psyche can do more for our wellbeing than any supplement or juice, but when it comes to finding a moment to meditate, it can seem like major effort. How about using a ?can't sleep?, ?waiting around? or ?work break? window to plug in and pause? The guided tracks teach deep thought on the go. Mindfulness for the modern woman, indeed.
At the App Store, €2.69.




Simply put - a period tracker. It offers the customary menstrual reminders, PMS warnings, fertility windows and our favourite ?a beautiful visualization of your cycle?. What woman could resist? The real draw is how inconspicuous the icon looks on screen. No garish designs or silly mother-nature monikers, it actually makes for an interesting self-study, and explains last weeks festering mood and insatiable chocolate appetite.
Free at the App Store.

If you'd like a sweatier approach, see page 120 of the September issue for more athletic applications.

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