Susan Sarandon Takes Down Cleavage-Shamers

It's been a week since the SAG Awards and the internet is still talking about Susan Sarandon's choice of a cream Max Mara suit. More specifically, her d?colletage.

The Oscar-winning actress wore the white pantsuit with a black bustier to last week's SAG Awards, and the reactions have ranged from sheer awe to full-on body'shaming. TV personality Piers Morgan is the latest to grab his pitchfork and branded Sarandon's display of cleavage "tacky" and "inappropriate."?The actress, who was recently named the new face of L'Or?al) has famously been showing skin in her movies for decades, and was lauded for her empowerment in doing so. Now that she's older and doing it of her own?volition, it suddenly seems to be an issue. The esteemed talent'recently spoke of how fickle Hollywood can be when it comes to how you look, how much you weigh, how old you look, so on and so forth, and this seems to be a prime example.


His issue, he insists, had nothing to do with Sarandon's age, but rather her choice of attire as she was leading a memorial tribute on the night. (For the record, at 69, yours truly thinks Sarandon looks amazing).

With all the fuss being created over what is essentially a bit of cleavage, it begs the question: does her outfit make a meaningful memorial tribute any less so because of what she chooses to wear? Being realistic, her outfit isn't that risqu? following in the footsteps of say, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga in her early days.?Morgan says this has nothing to do with ageism, but one can't help but wonder if the same furore would be created if it was a twenty-something wearing the same thing? Doubtful.

The actress responded with humour, tweeting this to Morgan, who appears to be trying to backtrack ever-so-slightly since his outburst on Wednesday:

The whole exchange has'spawned its own (brilliant) hashtag, #cleavagegate, and a barrage of boob photos were sent to Sarandon (and Morgan) in solidarity of the cause.

Honestly, if I look half as good as Sarandon does hitting 70, I'll gladly wear the same outfit.

What are your thoughts? An over-reaction or not?


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