Susan Jane White's PMT Brownies

We're pretty devoted fans of Susan Jane White's virtuous yet indulgent way of living.?Her debut cookbook The Extra Virgin Kitchen was a bestseller last year and was probably in the basket of many a person looking to overhaul their bad habits this January gone.

Today we're delighted to share the above video from Susan - a recipe for the cheekily titled PMT brownies. They're wheat-, grain-, dairy-, and refined sugar-free. And stuffed with good fatty acids and Omega 3. As Susan herself says, ?Omega 3 is to hormones is what Jedward is to Edward. Pretty indispensable.? Especially when your body faces into the hormonal stew that is That Time of the Month.

See below for all the ingredients you'll need, and above for the method. With a generous dashing of the inimitable Susan Jane White.



200g block of creamed coconut

200g 70-85% dark choc

160ml almond or other milk

3 tablespoons milled chia

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

200g coconut sugar

3 eggs


100g ground almonds

2 teaspoons gluten free baking powder

2 pinches sea salt flakes

30g chocolate chunks

See? for more.

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