Survey: Best to Have Sex after 3.53 Dates

Knowing when you're ready to take things to the next level with someone you've been seeing can often be a source of anxiety. Do we feel pressured to consummate the relationship within a certain number of dates? Or do we ignore what everybody else is doing and go with the flow of our own, natural instinct? Well, whether you like to get down and dirty on date number one or you want to wait 'til you've said those three little words, the latter option, in which you suit yourself, is always a far better option.

Now though, a new survey suggests when your best off sealing the deal: 3.5 dates, to be exact. Popular publication Time Out gathered data from 11,000 people from 24 different cities around the world, all on the subject of dating. As per their results, 1 in 10 people think that sex is a reasonable request at the end of a first date, however the worldwide favourite is 3.53 (which Time Out pinpoint to that precise moment on the fourth date between dinner and dessert).

On the subject of first dates, 53% of those surveyed reported that their first dates ended with a kiss, 21% ended in an awkward, nose-butting goodbye, 20% ended in nudity while only 12% ended in a serious relationship. 0% of those surveyed ended with children after just one date.

The things that instantly rule out a second date are bad breath, bad politics, bad attitude and - naturally - a bad resemblance to their profile picture.

As for what career types men and women are interested in? 1 in 10 women are after bankers (in Chicago specifically) 17% of women in LA after after those in the film industry (figures, right?). 13% of female Londoners are lusting after creative types. Where the men are concerned, 1 in 10 New Yorkers after quirky creatives while 12% of men in Hong Kong fancy the pants of finance oriented women.
The list of interesting findings goes on and on...


1 in 10 people have dated their boss, while 1 in 5 of those surveyed have wound up with a friend's ex! A staggering 41% of those surveyed have dated someone who is already married to someone else. That's a pretty shocking statistic. For more juicy results, check out the Global Dating Survey below!



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