Support Pieta’s urgent appeal for donations and join together for ‘Sunrise’ on May 9th

Support Pieta’s urgent appeal for donations and join team IMAGE for ‘Sunrise’ on May 9th to mark the postponed Darkness into Light event.  Ensure that Pieta’s essential frontline services can remain in operation and continue to be delivered free of charge, by donating at

On May 9th, it was expected that over 250,000 people would have come together on every continent to walk together highlighting the fight against suicide and self-harm. Darkness Into Light is the main annual source of funding for Pieta. As the walks cannot now take place as planned in May, a Darkness Into Light ‘Sunrise’ appeal is taking place on that day. This special appeal encourages people to donate what they can to this vital charity and to come together while remaining apart by getting up at 5:30am to watch the sunrise and to show community and solidarity with those impacted by suicide.

Pieta are also asking people to spread the message and offer hope by sharing their sunrise moment using the #DIL2020. Team IMAGE will be doing the same.

The need for Pieta's lifesaving services is greater than ever as COVID-19 impacts not only on the nation's physical health but its mental health too. As people find themselves worried, anxious, under strain, financially impacted and in many cases isolated and alone, the effect on mental health is significant.

Recent research has also confirmed that 1 in 5 Irish people are experiencing clinically defined levels of depression. Even before COVID-19 the public need for Pieta’s services was on the increase, with calls to Pieta’s helpline up 49% year on year while text messages to Pieta had increased by 46%.

Elaine Austin, CEO of Pieta said: “As a result of Covid-19, our helpline has seen an increase in calls from people all over the country who are in crisis right now with many others presenting with high anxiety. Our bereavement counsellors are supporting people who have lost loved ones and who are struggling to come to terms with their loss in a world where friends and family cannot grieve together as a result of the lockdown.


Funding from the public has never been more vital to keep Pieta’s door open. The Darkness Into Light walk will hopefully take place later in the year, but we can’t wait. We’re urgently asking people to donate, whatever they can. This will help fund our services, ensuring we can continue to support those in their darkest hours and to keep delivering our one?to?one counselling.

While we are devastated that we won’t come together physically on May 9th, we will share a special moment of togetherness by getting up at 5:30am and watching the sunrise. People are also asked to wear yellow or a previous year’s t-shirt that day to show support for those impacted by suicide.

Darkness into Light has been postponed but Pieta needs support more than ever before. Just €20 can fund two life-saving calls to those who are in crisis. Please donate now and allow Pieta to support those in suicidal distress and stand in collective solidarity with all those impacted by suicide at sunrise on May 9th.

Donate at

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