Grab your sunscreen: there's a week-long 'heatwave' on the way

There may have been cool winds and showers over the past couple of days but don't pack away your sunscreen just yet. Weather forecasters predict Ireland is in-store for a full week of sunshine. Whether you're off to Body & Soul or you're celebrating the end of exam season with the kids, grab your T-shirt; shorts and sunglasses.

MET Éireann says we'll see the warmest days of the year so far; with temperatures in some parts of the country reaching the high twenties. Starting from tomorrow; here’s what we can expect. Friday will be dry, bright and warm with temperatures ranging from 17 to 20 Celsius. Then, come Saturday and Sunday, things will start to heat up.

Photo: MET Éireann

International weather site AccuWeather says the potential is increasing for a “sweltering heatwave” across the UK and Ireland. This is due to a large area of high pressure that has built over the country and is pulling slowly eastwards. This shift “will allow flow to turn southerly and pull hot air from the Mediterranean northward across France and into the United Kingdom and Ireland.


The hottest temperatures are expected next Thursday and Friday, with Carlow potentially reaching 30 Celsius. MET Éireann added there will be, "Spells of hazy sunshine each day, but with the risk of some sea mist developing in some coastal areas and maybe a few thundery showers towards midweek."

Not only is it important for us all to wear sunscreen, the warmer weather poses a risk for hayfever sufferers too. As it stands, pollen counts are high in Leinster, Munster and Connacht. Ulster’s pollen levels are currently at ‘medium’, but that could quickly change over the coming days.

Photo: Pixabay

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