Your Summer Weekend Sorted: Gin & Tonic Ice Pops

We have the perfect recipe if you planned on guzzling G&T's in the sunshine all weekend - gin and tonic ice lollies! Ice lollies or ice pops??Lauren Heskin, Senior Editor of IMAGE Interiors & Living says?everything is ice cream whether there's cream involved or not, which I think we can all agree is disturbingly wrong.?Whatever way you say it, your key to the dreamiest of summer days awaits...

Gin & Tonic Ice Pops


  • 50ml of the gin of your choice
  • 700ml of tonic water
  • 1 lime
  • 1 cucumber
  • Icepop Moulds
  • Optional: if you're feeling fancy, you can throw in berries like the picture below.


Mix your gin and tonic with juice from the lime.

Slice the cucumber and place a slice into your ice pop'moulds.

Add the gin, tonic and lime juice mix into the mould.

Place your moulds in the freezer and leave overnight.

That's it!


If your ice-pops didn't work out, you don't own ice pop moulds or you're just too lazy to make them - fret not! Aldi has you covered with these Gin and Tonic ice lollies. You get four in a pack at €3.50 per box. They have a 4.5% alcohol level, are only available to customers aged 18 years and over and also come in Prosecco and Peach Bellini flavour.

If you make yourself some gin and tonic ice lollies, please tag us ( on your Instagram pictures! We'd love to see them.

Featured image: @eltoria_.

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