Summer Wedding Cakes

Be inspired by our top picks of the best white iced wedding cakes this season... Dreamy deliciousness!

The delicate and intricate art of piped white icing on wedding cakes is seriously trending this summer. Whether you want swirls of whipped, cloud-like buttercream or little beads of frosting, there is something to inspire even the most discerning bride.

The key to keeping a white cake on trend is to keep the basic structure minimal. Add nothing but fresh blooms or botanicals to bring a super-modern touch to this traditional cake style.

Fresh berries can add gorgeous texture, much in the same way as flowers, if you want to keep your decoration edible.


Consider the cake another element of your floral decor, using blooms co-ordinated with your bouquet and centerpieces to carry through your theme and palette.

Now, don't just pick flowers from your garden and lop them on top - always be sure they've been washed and checked for creepy crawlies.

How cool is this succulent idea? Eh, very.

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