Four show-stopper summer salads to make throughout the heatwave

When the weather's hot, the last thing you want is a hefty shepard's pie or steaming bowl of soup. With summer comes cravings for something light and zesty, whilst providing enough sustenance to keep you full of energy throughout those sunny, blue-sky days.

These summer salads each have a bit of a twist in them, so they can act as a main feature as much as they can be a delicious accompaniment to a summer's BBQ.

Greek Chickpea Salad 

A cross between a Greek salad and a bean salad, this dish requires no actual cooking, just a bit of chopping and assembling


A fresh summer salad starring highly nutritious grain, freekeh 

When it’s broad bean and pea season, you should eat these every day! This salad stars freekeh, a delicious, highly nutritious grain made from roasted green (early harvest) wheat.

Sesame Salmon with spicy carrot & buckwheat noodle salad

This straddles that in between craving with a warming spicy dressing yet lots of fresh raw elements to add crunch and flavour.

The perfect peach caprese salad


When summer is at its height and the peaches are so ripe that you can smell their sweet aroma just by walking by, it’s time for this bright salad – a fun twist on the traditional caprese salad of mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil.

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