Summer Goals: That Viral Bucket List Is ALL OF US

The viral bucket list is the most entertaining thing on the Internet right now and it's giving us all life on this clammy, let's face it pretty dispiriting Monday morning.

The tweet immortalising the funniest Summer goals list of all time hit the Twittersphere this weekend and has been enthusiastically shared and liked, we're predicting that 'boob hickey' will be entering the 2017 lexicon. Twitter user @Scorpiosars reports that her friend unearthed the artifact in the changing rooms of an Urban Outfitters and frankly the goals outlined in the pretty extensive list are wide-ranging, not to mention, ambitious.


Here are some of the highlights:

?Get a manicure? - You might need multiple manicures, just letting you know.

?Get a pedicure? - See above.

?Get drunk all the time? - So on the document, this goal is actually checked off which makes me suspect that the author is perhaps operating outside of the conventional restrictions of linear time. Has Summer Goals Girl perhaps conquered the UNCONQUERABLE?and is living in a post-time reality? Should she be the new Doctor?

?Do summer reading? - From the delightfully general...

To the bizarrely specific: ?pet a giraffe?.

?Get a boob hickey? - Is this not the goal of the century?


?Buy Ray-Bans? - Always a good choice.

"Make a Summer playlist (10 hours long)" - Another goal that's been checked off, we're impressed with this girl's commitment. My to do list just rolls over from day to day. Though I suspect that at this point she's just writing it down to tick it off.

"Fix home screen" - Glad to see that this is on everyone's long finger.

"Star gaze" - Beautifully concluded Summer Goals Girl. I enjoy her esoteric concerns, boob hickeys and star gazing all in one action-packed Summer.

Photo by?Morgan Sessions?on?Unsplash

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