Suffragette Trailer With Carey Mulligan is Here

Carey Mulligan! It's been a while since this amazing actress has been charming us on screen so it's great to see her take on a role in Suffragette, a rousing political drama about the women who campaigned for our right to vote. Meryl Streep stars as Emmeline Pankhurst, the woman who led the, at times violent, campaign to secure women the right to participate in democracy in the early 20th century. Our own Brendan Gleeson stars, but it seems he won't be playing an enlightened man who believes women the equal of men. In fact, that's him delivering a voiceover speech saying women do not have the ?balance of mind to exercise judgment in political affairs.?

?Never surrender,? instructs Meryl. ?Never give up the fight.?

Doesn't it look very inspiring? Also, the closing hashtag #VotingMatters in a humdinger.


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