Success Stories in Unlikely Places

High up in the Kingdom of Kerry mountains, tucked away among Ireland's highest peaks, what you might not expect to find is an award winning PR, Events and Model Management Consultancy. Usually, such thriving business ventures operate out of bustling, metropolitan cities. But that doesn't mean they have to. Surrounded by such inspiring and striking scenery, which perhaps lends itself to their creative flair, Upfront is hard at work on everything from planning world class events - among which Kerry Fashion Week in association with IMAGE Magazine was included - to supplying the best in Irish models for top notch shoots nationwide.

Winners of the HOUSE of .eu category at the .eu Web Awards in Brussels last November, Upfront is currently making waves as the ultimate destination for clients and brands after a one stop shop for their every creative need, with a special focus on fashion, consumers and festivals. Committed to raising the profile of every brand with whom they work, since establishing themselves back in 1995, Upfront's agency ticks all the boxes: PR, events and models.


At the helm of this business with a difference, you'll find Orla Diffily, whose word you can count on, given that she's amassed over 25 years experience in the industry as a top tier PR and events manager. As if setting up her own agency wasn't enough of a coup, Diffily also founded and developed KFW - Kerry Fashion Week - along with her KFW business partner, Paul Ruane,?which has earned itself a glowing reputation, shining a light on sartorial virtuosos the length and breadth of the country.

Showing that not all flourishing ventures must succeed in the big city, Upfront will surely inspire a wealth of brands and even PR students to know that sometimes, taking the road less travelled could make all the difference.

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