Success at Your Own Pace

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Jules Coleman, the co-founder of, has just been nominated for a the IMAGE?Businesswoman of the Year Awards 2014. We take a look back at our interview with her in the last issue of IMAGE Magazine.

If you've ever tried to find a good cleaner, you'll?know it's not especially easy, reliant as you are?on either recommendations from friends, or?trusting whatever Google throws at you.

It's a?common problem that Jules Coleman, with her?company co-founders Tom Nimmo and?Alex Depledge, believe they've found?the solution to - allows?you to easily book a vetted and?trusted cleaner online, with ease.

Jules, who was working as a'management consultant at the?time, had the initial idea when her'search for a piano teacher in London
proved ludicrously difficult - so much?ringing around and out-of-use numbers. Yet?it sparked an idea strong enough to convince?her to quit her job and spend three months?teaching herself how to code and build a basic?website.

This led to the young company being accepted on the Springboard programme in the UK, which combines investment capital with an intensive accelerator programme. They were now immersed in the world of start-ups and this is where they found their first investors. Ron Zeghibe, the chairman of taxi app, Hailo, also became their chairman.


? appeals to professional cleaners because it's a steady stream of work that's close to their home and they can choose flexible hours,? says Jules.

Future plans involve moving into?Europe, and Jules is quite clear?on how commitment to a vision?will bring results when it comes to
business. ?One thing that resonates?? after doing the corporate thing, then?learning to code is - just getting on with it??? in that we didn't pay anyone to go and build?a website,? she says.

?It was all baby steps, but?they were enough to get us to the next step,?and then the next step. We didn't build what?we have in a weekend, but in two and a half?years, we did.?

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