Study Says You'll Be Financially Mature At What Age?

Those of you in your twenties; fret not. If you've been throwing away your money like there's no tomorrow, spending hundreds on several weekly take-aways, while your wardrobe is bulging as a result of your obsession with striped breton tops, you needn't feel bad about it anymore. A new study shows that the average age for financial maturity is 38. Twenty years into adulthood, it's at around this mark that we tend to feel as though we're on top of things financially.

Though many Irish people will dismiss this theory, wondering when the slightest hint of financial maturity will wash over them, have discovered that at least in Britain, it's in your late 30s where you start to be more mindful of your pennies, with a huge change in attitude towards money compared to your financial mindset ten or fifteen years previous. As per their research of over 2000 people, this naturally has a lot to do with buying homes, paying mortgages and having kids to consider.

Half of those surveyed say it was the arrival of kids that forced them into financial maturity while buying a house, making a major home improvement, losing a job or buying a car also impacted on their financial savviness. Shockingly, only 23% of those surveyed knew just how much their debts had amounted to, excluding their mortgage. 59% of participants hadn't the foggiest notion how much money was in their bank account at any given time while 1 in 10 of those surveyed weren't sure how much their bills amounted to each month.


Do you feel financially mature? Did you feel financially mature way before 38 or way later?

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