A step-by-step guide to making a gorgeous autumnal table centrepiece

This simple step-by-step guide on how to make a beautiful autumnal table centrepiece comes courtesy of Janette O Rourke from Kay's Flower School

For this design you will need:

  • A 10-inch floral foam ring (available from your local florist)
  • Some winter foliage, foraged from your own garden or local park
  • A selection of flowers in autumnal shades, such as roses, germini, protea, anthurium & some cotton flower
  • A selection of dried fruits leaves and decorations 
  • 20g of florist wires

Step 1


Wire all the dried materials first, using a stick to insert into the fruit and also to glue the leaves onto the wire.

Step 2

Trim the floral foam base and soak the flower foam in water for at least 90 seconds.

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Step 3


Insert the dried decorations and fruit into the ring in groups, leaving space between them for adding the flowers later.

Step 4

Insert the little bunches of flowers in between the dried decorations.

Step 5


Using foliage (which needs to be cut up into 10cm lengths), fill in around the floral foam base, ensuring none of the base is visible. This foliage can be a selection of winter foliage and autumnal shades, according to your own preference.

Et voilà

Your table arrangement is now complete! Ensure to keep it watered daily, particularly if you plan to display it in a warm room. Consider adding a vase that contains an autumnal candle into the ring for a final finishing touch.

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