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Sseduced is Dublin's first organic raw vegan restaurant. ?it's a great step in the right direction for the growing health foodie population who til now have literally had nowhere to eat out. But, a word of warning to the uninitiated- this means that not only is the food organic and wheat/gluten/dairy/sugar/soya/yeast free, but it's also never heated above 42 degrees. All of this is done to preserve the nutrients and ensure the utmost of health benefits, but it does mean even more constraints to an already restrictive way of eating. For any wannabe vegans or flexitarians however, it's a great place to start and get some foodspiration?

The menu, although quite small, is very creative. Unfortunately, they were out of the curry, so we opted for the pizza and ginger noodles. Not quite something a devout cheese-loving carnivore would approve of, but both were delicious. The ?cheese? on the pizza even managed that lovely gooey stringiness of a real New York slice! The desserts were definitely the highlight; again they were out of our first choice (the cheesecake), so we went for the carrot cake and a selection of dairy free ice creams. Both were gone in seconds and were every bit as delicious as their sugar-filled counterparts. We left feeling happy and full, and best of all, with our January diets still perfectly intact.

Sseduced 20 Cecilia St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 (01)6779287, [email protected]


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