Something Sweetly Different On Your Wedding Day

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After all the oohing and aahing is finished and the ceremony done and dusted, you'll have an army of hungry guests to feed. You'll want something they remember; something that stands out and most importantly, something that tastes out-of-this-world delicious. And you don't have to go down the strictly traditional route when it comes to food or snacks, especially if your attendees have a sweet (or especially savoury) tooth. This is where Ruth and her Cornude Artisan Popcorn can satisfy any post-nuptial cravings, with her delicious and beautifully packaged?DIY popcorn bar. It's popcorn, but not as you know it. Think multiple flavours, popcorn pots, popcorn pillows and special gourmet popcorn displays with?bunting, scoops, jars, serving cones, containers - and anything else you need for a unique and tasty wedding day centrepiece or table favours. So yes, it's almost Christmas, but for those who are knee-deep in wedding planning, it's never too late to start thinking of those essential-yet-memorable little details.

How is?Cornude Popcorn created?


Cornude popcorn is a multi award-winning, made-to-order offering of luxury popcorn for gatherings, weddings and events the length and breadth of Ireland. Caven native Ruth makes her incredible popcorn by hand, using small batch attention at every turn - this product?is truly a labour of love. All her coatings are made up of hand chosen, vibrant and delicious sweet and savoury coatings, based on coconut oil and an array of aromatic, pallet-warming spices and fresh herbs. And every munch of her caramels, adorned with toasty nuts and chocolates, are glowing with the warmth of vanilla pods and Irish butter - it's so good, you'll simply keep coming back for more. And it's all beautifully packaged with tender loving care - everything almost looks too good to eat but we imagine you'll manage it! Orders can be custom made, so you'll only get the flavour variations that appeal to you and the popcorn will last long after your big day is done - the popcorn is freshly produced for your particular day and its caramel based varieties have a five-week shelf life?and the savouries have a two-week shelf life.

What is so different about it?



Cornude Popcorn is produced by hand, using only real ingredients. The outcome is a delicious and gorgeously-packaged offering that has not been through factory processing but through small batch attention using artisan techniques. It is also filled with only real ingredients as opposed to flavourings and stabilisers so you and your guests can delight in having a high quality, taste-filled product minus any of the nasty'stuff!

So, for an unforgettable wedding treat, get organising that popcorn today.

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