Someone gatecrashed the Chanel runway at Paris Fashion Week

During the finalé walk of Chanel's SS20 show, the blogger got up onto the runway and walked with the models uninvited

An unidentified woman crashed the runway of Chanel's SS20 show at the Grand Palais in Paris this morning, during the finalé walk.

In footage of the show, the woman can be seen walking among Chanel models during the finale of the show, turning to pose at cameras before turning down an empty part of the runway.


Model Gigi Hadid, who regularly walks for Chanel, can be seen blocking the woman's way, before leading her off the runway.

On her Instagram stories, Director of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram Eva Chen, explained her distaste at the apparent prank on the runway.

"I find runway crashers to be super disrespectful... for one minute of being 'funny', do they not realise how much work they are disrupting?" she said. "Call me boring, but save your pranks for high school".



Featured image: Screenshot via Elizabeth Paton on Instagram

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