Here's why taking yourself on a solo date is the BEST form of self-care

When was the last time you took yourself out on a good solo date? Or rather, have you *ever* taken yourself on a solo date?

This concept is a slightly jarring one, we know; the assumption being that you’ll be seen as a loser if you dare do something alone. Firstly, this is not the case. And secondly, in a time when people are more stressed than ever before, maybe a solo date is precisely what the doctor ordered.

Treat yourself to something nice

Spending designated time to yourself means you learn to treat yourself with the same respect, care, and consideration that you would another person. Put simply, a solo date involves you treating yourself in the same way you would someone you care about. 


Remember, it needn’t be anything elaborate – just a few hours dedicated to Y-O-U.

"No phone zone"

What you do on your “solo date” is entirely up to you; the only rule is you need to resist the urge to scroll through your phone where at all possible. Whether it’s going for dinner in a nice restaurant or rearranging your bedroom so that it feels clean and cosy, the aim is to just do something that centres around your own happiness.

Scroll down to see a few of our favourite activities to do whenever we’re in need of a solo date. Remember, it needn’t be anything elaborate – just a few hours dedicated to Y-O-U.

Solo date ideas:



There is something so daunting about going to the movie theatre by yourself, but trust us when we say that once you try it, you’ll have trouble figuring out why you never did it before. Not only do you get to pick out whatever movie you want (all guilty pleasures are up for grabs!), you don’t have to deal with any pestering questions. Plus, you can indulge in whatever treats you want and don’t have to share with anyone. Bliss.

Active meditation

Going for a walk, a cycle or tending to your potted plants in a conscious and mindful way can spur you into a meditative state that does wonders for your well-being. Use the time to be quiet and watch how your buzzing thoughts calm down, allowing you to enjoy some quality moments to yourself.

Go outside your comfort zone

Doing an activity solo with people who you don’t know is the best and most exhilarating way to challenge yourself, not to mention a super way to meet new people while you’re at it. There are so many things to do all over the country that would be perfect for a solo date - be it signing up to a walking tour around Dublin, taking an art class in Galway or learning to cook in Cork – it’s all there for the taking!

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Get pampered

Whether it’s a haircut, a facial, a message or getting your nails done - using the experience to give yourself a mental break and concentrate on your own wellbeing will ensure you come out feeling better on both the inside and outside.


Grabbing lunch or a coffee by yourself is one thing, but treating yourself to a nice dinner alone is something else entirely. Our advice is to go to your favourite restaurant (or a new one you’ve been meaning to try for ages), order yourself a nice glass of wine, and eat whatever you want. Leaving your phone in your bag is crucial here. You’ll enjoy the experience much more if you use the time to read a good book until your meal comes, and you can practice some mindful eating. Trust us, it will be the most delicious meal you've had in a long time.

Photo album

We all have those pictures we’ve been meaning to get developed for years. Use your solo date to take a trip down memory lane and get them developed. You can also go one step further by putting them into a photo album and either keep it for yourself or gift it to someone else. Get ready for the feel-good vibes to be in full flow.


Get cultured

Go to a museum, explore an exhibition, take a stroll around Trinity College – you won’t believe the amount of information you take in and remember when you engage in a cultural activity alone.

Face mask & movie

Nothing says “self-care” quite like a face mask. And when it’s accompanied by a good Netflix series or inspiring movie, and a cup of tea (or maybe a glass of wine!), then you’ve got yourself a dreamy solo date situation.

Redecorate your bedroom/home

Isn’t it interesting how your living space often reflects your mental space? Make your home somewhere you love spending time in and use this time to hang up pictures, posters, paint over wall markings and generally give the place a spruce-up. Knowing that you have a lovely space to come home to makes a huge difference when you’ve had a hard day out in the big, bad world. 


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