Eight simple, pretty and smart gadgets that make life easier. We're sold.

Soda, or School of The Digital Age, is the new must-have brand of tech products for busy women. Everything Soda sells is designed to make life easier for us. From the instruction manuals to the packaging, everything is simple, pretty, and smart. What's more, the London-born founder of the company, Grace Gould, is passionate about the environment. She strives to source products from companies who care about our world and are working to be plastic packaging-free.

Having worked for Apple and PCH International, Grace realised there was a gap in the market. “Nobody was talking to customers, particularly women, in an engaging and accessible way," the 29-year-old said, adding, "Soda focuses on bridging the gap between lifestyle and technology, finding the best products on the market to make your life easier to manage.” The products she sells aren't just game changers for women with hectic schedules, but also for anyone looking for quirky gifts. Below are eight of our favourite products available from Soda at Brown Thomas right now:

The Light Phone, €136

The Light Phone is a beautifully simple second phone that stores just nine numbers. It shares your mobile number using a nano SIM and is the size of a credit card (and it's not much heavier, either). Use it for emergency calls when you want to step away from the digital world.

SODA at Brown ThomasGaucho Techroll Accessories Set, €112


Are you always on the go? This all-in-one six piece mobile phone accessories set includes a power bank, USB cables, earphones, a USB stick and charger. The accessories are encased in genuine cow-hide leather, which is ethically sourced. The case is an ideal travel companion for organising your everyday technology.SODA at Brown Thomas

Dodow Sleep Aid, €50

If you’re the type of person who struggles to unwind at night, this battery-operated device is for you. The small dish-like object helps you to slow down your breathing and calm your nervous system; thus encouraging restful sleep. It beams a circular blue light onto your ceiling which tells you to breathe in. When it shrinks, breathe out. Within minutes, you should be in the land of Nod.

SODA at Brown Thomas

Wacaco Minipresso, €50

Can’t go anywhere without having your coffee first? This Wacaco mini espresso machine allows you to make delicious coffee on the move. Just add hot water, press the pump, and enjoy.


Chipolo Classic Key Finder, €21.50

If you’re prone to losing your keys (or anything, for that matter), this finder is an essential buy. Attach the Chipolo to anything you don’t want to lose, and connect it to the Chipolo app on your phone. How it works: If your keys go missing, you can ‘ring’ your Chipolo via the app and follow the sound. If you’re too far away to hear the ringtone, use the app to track your keys down via the inbuilt map.

SODA at Brown Thomas

Veritable Smart Garden, €160

Have you ever wanted to grow your own food but live in a gardenless apartment? Maybe you just weren't sure where to start. The Veritable Smart Garden from SODA allows you to grow four different herbs, edible flowers and baby vegetables at the same time from the same planter. Each pod contains organic seeds, soil and nutrients essential for each plant; providing four to six months of continuous harvest. What's more, it's small enough to fit on most kitchen counters.

SODA at Brown Thomas

Bellabeat Urban Leaf Health Tracker, €112


This stylish health tracker that can be worn on a chain or with a wrist strap. Simply download the Bellabeat app, enter a few details, and with two taps it syncs with your Bellabeat device to build a picture of your sleep, activity and meditation habits. The handy tool also monitors your stress and fertility levels, all with a hidden accelerometer that measures motion and vibration.

SODA at Brown Thomas

Cirrus Portable Clothes Steamer, €113

Whether you’ve just travelled miles in the car or stepped off a long-haul flight, creased clothes are almost inevitable. This portable steamer will keep your clothes in pristine condition without the hassle of plugging in an iron. With a 75ml water tank providing six minutes of continuous steam, you can steam an outfit quickly before heading out.

SODA at Brown Thomas

Photo: @soda.says, Instagram



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