Social Pictures: Special Preview Screening Of Woody Allen's Cafe Society

Woody Allen fans took to the red carpet at The IFI Dublin to check out his latest offering Cafe Society. The film, written and directed? by Woody Allen, stars Steve Carell, Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart and Blake Lively. Set in 1930s Hollywood, this is a tale of two cities.?The story is partially about an illicit relationship between a rich older man (Hollywood agent Phil, played by Steve Carell) and a much younger woman, Vonnie (played by Kristen Stewart) while it also focuses on?Bobby Dorfman (played by Jesse Eisenberg) who, tired of his overbearing family, sets off to LA for a new life.

Gracing the red carpet at the IFI on the night were RTE Radio's Ronan Collins and wife Woody, Tenor Shane Morgan, ?Models Kate Sheridan and Jenny Drea, as well as stylist Cathy O'Connor.


Cafe Society opened this year's Cannes Film Festival, and will land in Irish cinemas on September 2nd.

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