Social Pictures: Skin Fit With Botanics

Last week, beauty lovers and editors joined Botanics in Smock Alley Theatre to talk about the power of plants with the goddess of all skincare knowledge,?Jennifer Rock, The Skin Nerd.?

The global organic, natural beauty market was the second fastest growing category in 2016??with the industry valued to be worth almost $22 billion by 2024. So if you're drowning in organic skincare choices and not sure what to look for, Botanics has a gold star for being derived by plant experts from the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Jennifer Rock took us through the ingredients available across the Botanics ranges, which can cater for all skintypes.

The Botanics Organic Range is powered by rosehip, which contains vitamin C which is great for collagen, and is full is essential fatty acids that keep your skin super hydrated.

The Botanics All Bright Range is powered by hibiscus, which evens out the skin tone and pigment and improve's your skin's texture.

The Botanics Hydration Burst Range is powered by clary sage, another key for hydration.


The Radiant Youth range contains gingko, which is full of antioxidants to feed the skin from within, and pumps hydration back into the skin.

The Triple Age Renewal Range contains purple orchid which aids your skin in plumping and smoothing.

Check out the pictures from the event in our gallery above. ?Botanics is available exclusively in Boots.

Pictures by Julian Behal.

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