Social Pics: Arnotts Style Sessions: Aimee Connolly

  • by IMAGE

Kicking off Arnotts Style Sessions this week, celebrity makeup artist, Aimee Connolly was first on The Beauty Stage in Arnotts, ready to share her secrets and tried-and-tested tips with excited attendees. There were two different looks demonstrated on the day; Amiee showed a mother and daughter how to harness the very best of everything the beauty hall has to offer, regardless of skin type or age - this was a multi-generational masterclass. She was also happy to share her unique insights into the industry, alongside cleaver, easy-to-recreate (yes, that you can do at home yourself) tricks proving that clever make-up, masterly applied, never gets old. She also used the evening to make a special announcement: That her brand of beauty products SCULPTED officially launched in Arnotts Department Store! Form an orderly queue and see some highlights from the evening in our gallery above.


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