Snapchat Is Changing

Although Snapchat took it's time setting its cogs into motion (having kicked off in 2011), the last 18 months have proved pivotal in its plan for world domination.

It was new, it was quick, it was exciting, and everyone wanted to be part of the instantaneous movement. Snapchat's reign is close to reaching its?tipping point; with over 41% of all American 18-34-year-olds using the social app at any time, and over 100 million daily active users globally (that's around 9,000 snaps per second).

But the newness of Snapchat has since faded, and founder Evan Spiegel felt the cumbersome pressure to reinvent the popular platform?and what better way than to initiate a universal name change and introduce a revolutionary bi-product?

Now called Snap Inc.'developers and manufacturers have cleverly developed eyewear - ideally called ?Spectacles? - which allows the wearer to capture video footage in first person video in landscape and portrait modes. What's more, the lens used to record will be circular which will no-doubt be an interesting addition for video and photography buffs. If this sounds familiar it's because it's pretty similar to Google Glass which, according to experts, are considerably more complex and not entirely aesthetically pleasing. Spectacles are also cheaper and will retail at around €115 (Google Glass retails around €1150).


What really has people talking, however, isn't the name change or how we're taking one step closer to playing lead roles in the latest'sci-fi movie, but how app developers have remarketed Snap Inc as a camera company. This comes after Snap Inc claim to have developed ?one of the smallest wireless video cameras in the world?.?It could be said that the shift is also an endeavour on keeping and retaining their young and trendy audience. See Snap Inc's Spectacles below and see what you think.

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