Snow Day! Prince George And Princess Charlotte Went On Their First Ski Holiday

It's Monday, and we all need a little cheering up, so we have something that is bound to make you crack a small - ultra-adorable pictures of Princess Charlotte and Prince George (the cutest royal kids EVER) frolicking in the show. They accompanied mum Kate and dad William on a ski holiday, and they are wearing bobble hats. Our ovaries can't cope. The beaming parents also engage in an old fashioned snowball fight (which Kate won) and look so genuinely happy in the snaps - #RelationshipGoals now and forever. Charlotte looks THRILLED at the prospect of all the snow-filled fun, and their happiness makes us feel happy too.

The family were on a short ski holiday in the French Alps and decided to share the moments with the public.

"This was their first holiday as a family of four and the first time either of the children had played in the snow," a Kensington Palace spokesman said "It was a very special and fun short holiday for the family, and they are grateful that John Stillwell was able to capture the moment so well. The Duke and Duchess hope people enjoy the photos."

The Duke and Duchess have been careful to control how images of their children are shared with the public - especially after they had to tell paparazzi to stop hounding Prince George - but they frequently allow us a glimpse into such tender family moments regardless.

Scroll down for the rest of the pictures, bound to brighten up your afternoon.


A definite snap for the Royal Family photo album:

Snow 2

Because we can all think of a time when we wanted to blatantly throw snow in our partner's face:

Snow 3

Just LOOK at her hat:


Kate even looks chic in snow gear:


Royal snow

Pictures via Kensington Palace

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