Sneak peek: The trailer for the 2018 Late Late Toy Show is here!

When talks of Brexit, Trump and general gloomy news are coming at us full force every day, we all need a breather. Something joyful; something we can watch with the kids, cosy in festive pyjamas or oversized 3D Christmas jumpers (#NeverTooEarly). And for this, the Late Late Toy Show is uniquely special. It's a celebration of our Irishness, adorably cute attendees and a glimpse at toys we'd love the Man in Red to bring us, never mind the little ones.

But it mostly makes us feel good; it's a programme made with the intent of celebrating all that is still well in the world, at least, on our shores. From host Ryan Tubridy's stellar Christmas jumpers and genuine rapport with the kids (who are ridiculously talented and the rightful stars of the show) to the gleeful cheers when everyone in the audience gets something nice to take home, it wouldn't be Christmas without it.

And this year, as people up and down the country prepare to throw open their doors and welcome in family, friends and loved ones, the Late Late Toy Show trailer encourages people from near and far to “Make It Home For Christmas.”

The trailer debuted this evening and whether by bike, bus, scooter, moped or even tractor, there is movement happening, but where is everyone going? We arrive at a door, but this isn’t any old door. This is the door of our Late Late Toy Show host Ryan Tubridy, who enthusiastically invites the gang inside. There are lights, excitable kids and our host, ready to welcome us for his 10th year of hosting. Yes, ten years since he took the reins (so to speak), hasn't time flown?

Watch it below:


We don't know any other details yet, we await a glimpse at a possible theme, but we know it's sure to be as popular as ever - last year’s Little Mermaid themed Late Late Toy Show had an audience of 1.2 million people tuning in.

And for those that want another glimpse into how the magic happens, in the week of his 10th Toy Show, fans will also get the chance to take a look back at some of Ryan’s standout moments in a three-part documentary series, The Late Late Toy Show Unwrapped, airing on Wednesday, November 28th, Thursday, November 29th and Friday, November 30th on RTÉ One at 7pm.

The Late Late Toy Show airs on Friday, November 30th on RTÉ One at 9.35pm.

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