Smile Like You Mean It: The Secret To Beautiful Teeth

Smiling lights up the face like nothing else. And during our happiest moments in life, our teeth also get time in the spotlight. They are such an important, standout feature and, much like the eyes, drastically transform your face - and how we feel about ourselves. Not being happy with our teeth can cause a crisis of confidence for a lot of people - how many have refused to smile in photographs due to feeling insecure about their teeth? And how often have some looked forward to a big event with dread because of this insecurity? Probably more?than you would think. Hollywood smiles?are called this for a reason; a beautiful smile shines and stands out more than any gown on the red carpet.

Here in Ireland, orthodontic?treatment and even cosmetic dentistry have come on leaps and bounds; you no longer have to go on year-long waiting lists before you can improve your teeth, and you don't have to feel awkward if you opt for treatment when your teen years have come and gone - people of all ages now seek to improve their smile for any number of reasons. But asides from finding the treatment for your pearly whites, equally important is finding the right professionals to implement your treatment programme with care and expertise. This is where Kinsale Dental?come in.

Based in County?Cork, this award-winning dental practice has been keeping Kinsale well and truly smiling for over two decades. Their dedication to quality, experience and excellence make them stand out amongst competitors. With a trained, professional and friendly team, including an Implantologist and Consultant Specialist Orthodontist, any pre-treatment nerves you might feel will be instantly banished when you step into their clinic. Whatever treatment you seek, from preventative dentistry and hygiene, orthodontics to dental implants/veneers and cosmetic dentistry, you'll find it all at Kinsale Dental.

Kinsale Dental?caters for the dental needs of?the whole family, using the latest techniques, top of the range equipment and products in a calm and friendly environment to provide you with the highest quality dentistry.


Dr Janet Power along with her husband Dr PJ Power, have been running Kinsale Dental since 1992, and she explained that their focus is firmly on prevention and helping patients achieve their best smile, assisting their clients to maintain their dental health for life with minimal dental treatment and associated expense. "We educate our patients about the many hidden sugars in our diets today. Young mothers especially appreciate this, and it informs them when they are making school lunches etc. We change the content of the sugar board regularly. We also have strong ties with all the local sporting groups, providing custom fit mouth guards at a concessionary rate to protect players teeth.? she said.

?Our goal is to help our patients smile with confidence and achieve their best smile.Using the very latest techniques and a variety of approaches in-house, we will achieve the best results for our patients. The starting point for this and an essential part of that goal is listening carefully to each patient prior to and during any treatment.?

Alongside the treatments mentioned above, Kinsale Dental also offer alternative facial aesthetic treatments. - ln house we offer both BOTOX and dermal filler treatments giving patients more options. We routinely whiten and brighten teeth using customised trays made in our in-house laboratory and top of the range products. Shine like the star you are with a dazzling white smile, beautifully framed in a gorgeous, rejuvenated face.?

Kinsale Dental for all your dental needs.

For more information and details of their treatment plans, see phone?021 4772788


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