Skin Statements: The Tattoos That Are Trending Right Now

Dublin tattoo artist?Feca Lanfredi talks to IMAGE about the latest tattoo trends in Dublin right now. Originally from Brazil, Feca?now spends her days creating ever-lasting art for her clients in Dublin Ink. While tattoo culture is a relatively new phenomenon here, it's an industry that continues to grow in popularity and size with artists constantly pushing their limits to create the next trendy piece of wearable art.

"Dot work, in general, has been a great trend. Mandalas are still popular too, as is neo-traditional which is a style that I would like to see more of around here, and is something that I would like to tattoo more", says Feca.

dot work lion head dot work lion head

"For the watercolours, since the soft colour can fade away easier some changes in the style are happening and we can see more black and more saturated colours appearing. The fine line small tattoos are super trendy right now but in general tattoo artists have been trying different things; like mixing dot-work with neo-traditional. There are so many styles to choose from that it makes it really hard to keep up to date on trends!", she continues. Ultimately, let's remember that tattoos are on your skin forever, so choose wisely! As Feca says; "tattoos last longer than trends!"


Meanwhile, let's take a second to remember the tattoos trends we followed (and mistakenly got)?as young girls that we wish we didn't.

The Dolphin


The Bow



The Anchor


The Infinity Symbol


The Lipstick Marks




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