Sketch: Your Last F**kable Day

*language warning - put your fingers in your ears if you don't like the F word - but we actually recommend you listen!

This sketch was created for Amy Shumer's show, Inside Amy Schumer, and features three of our favourite Hollywood ladies, Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Patricia Arquette where they are shown having a wonderfully decadent picnic in celebration of the ?Last F**kable Day? - the day in which one ceases to be sexually desirable as an actress.

The thing is, that while this is all set in a semi-ridiculous setting, there is such a harsh truth between the lines?there does seem to be a time in the career of actresses where they inexplicably segue from playing desirable love interests to playing those of more a more, shall we say, 'sexually washed up? person. The actresses go on to muse on the fact that this phenomenon rarely seems to happen to men!

All of which is total codswallop as we know, and what this video portrays the best is the wild, wise older woman who frankly doesn't give a sh*t anymore!

The best is yet to come ladies! Bring it.




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