Sinead Burke Sets Huge Milestone For Little People Of Ireland

She's no stranger to our superhero radar and yet Sinead Burke continues to surprise?and amaze us. The intelligence, wit, and passion she has for her cause has the ability to lighten up a darkened room and she is undoubtedly a powerful and courageous force of nature.

This week she pulled off another incredible feat and, continuing her admirable work for little people, successfully campaigned to have the correct term added to the Irish language dictionary to better represent them.

"Is duine?beag m?"

Sinead announced the news on her Twitter account this week, explaining her ongoing liaise with Foras na?Gaeilge in a bid to better represent little people both here and abroad. She later said she wished she could re-sit her leaving cert Irish oral again, just so she could introduce herself as "is duine?beag m?". Speaking about her success to The Daily Edge, Sinead explained her reasoning behind the challenge:

"I first emailed For's na Gaeilge in late September. October is Dwarfism Awareness Month and I had hoped that the entry into the focl?ir could align with that campaign. A meeting to include new words takes place once a month and whilst little person was not considered in October, it was proposed and agreed upon in November"



This is just one of many changes taking place to help little people to become more inclusive in our communities. Sinead has helped to make a significant impact in the fashion industry - having even been invited to ?The White House last month to talk about fashion and disability.

Ar fheabhas, Sinead!

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