Sia's Latest Release Is A Chilling Tribute To Orlando Victims

Released in the early hours of the morning, 'The Greatest' by Sia and Kendrick Lamar features 49 dancers and is a harrowing-yet-incredible tribute to the victims of the Orlando shootings that took place earlier this year and indeed to anyone who has ever fallen victim to homophobic hate crimes. The message??Don't give up.

The video also see's the eagerly awaited return of 'Chandelier' and 'Dance Mom' star Maddie Ziegler, who sets the bereaved mood as tears roll down an imprint of the gay-pride flags drawn onto her cheeks. In the initial sequence, sounds similar to that of gunshots can be heard, followed by lead girl Maddie guiding the dancers - all played by children -to safety.

The lyrics are confident and absolute -?"don't give up, I won't give up"; yet the underlying theme of death and anti-homophobia?is undeniably present at all times.?In similar Sia fashion, the choreography, the?costumes, and location create a distinctive feel that compliments the music.


The video was released less than 24 hours ago and has already totaled over 4 million views on YouTube. The last victim of the gun attack at a popular nightclub in Orlando was released from the?hospital?yesterday, September 6th. Watch the full video below.

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