'Oh I am sorry but...' Why Siannise Fudge is the true queen of Love Island

She started off as a question mark but now she's being hailed a queen. Here's why Love Island viewers are rooting for Siannise Fudge

Siannise Fudge has become an unexpected favourite among viewers of winter Love Island. When the 25-year-old beauty consultant first joined the show in January, people instantly turned against her because she didn't fancy Nas (a funny, seemingly loving boy who worshipped the ground she walked on).

The more Siannise insisted she didn't have feelings for him, the more viewers disliked her. On social media, many of them even refused to use her name (calling her everything from Seán's Knees to Seán's Niece). They also criticised her for talking about Disney too much and for "going on and on" about not liking fudge.

But, the longer she's been in the villa, and the more viewers have gotten to know her, the more they've changed their mind. Now four weeks in, Siannise has proven herself to be a loyal, supportive and caring friend. She's sure of herself and knows what she stands for – and what's more, she encourages others to feel confident in themselves too.


Empowering and supportive

Not an episode of Love Island goes by without Siannise giving inspiring advice. Whether she's talking to the girls or the boys, she's always ready with an empowering quote or a line of support. In fact, many of them have Siannise to thank for their successful romantic encounters (we're looking at you, Luke M and Demi).

Here are some of our favourite Siannise Fudge quotes from the series so far:

"Do you know what? You are a strong, independent woman. You remember this."

"There are plenty of men out there that would be lucky to have you."

"Do not let anyone make you doubt yourself or question yourself. 'Should I have done this, should I have acted this way…' No!"

"If people don’t like you for you, it’s their loss."


"We’re all happy for you!"

"Let me tell you what you need to do: you need to go get your girl. Go over there now and you get your girl."

"Go for it. Do it tonight. Now’s the time, girl."


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Cool, calm and collected

Not only is Siannise an excellent friend, but she also knows exactly who she is and what she stands for.


When all of the boys, including her partner Luke T, were whisked off to Casa Amor with six mysterious women, Siannise was one of the only girls (if not the only girl) who wasn’t phased. She knew she liked Luke T and knew that she wanted to stay loyal to him – regardless of whether or not he felt the same way.

"As soon as they [all of the new boys] came in, all I could think about was Luke T. I just wasn’t interested [in them] – and that’s how I know that my feelings are genuine and that I do like him," she told her fellow contestants one night.

"I want to stay true to myself. And if I feel like my head is with Luke T, and if I feel like I don’t want to risk that going wrong – then that’s where I’m at. And I would hold my head up high – even if he did bring back another girl – because I stayed true to myself and my feelings are genuine."

Humble pie

With viewers realising just how genuine a person Siannise really is, they've had to back-track on their words and eat some humble pie. "I have totally gone from not being able to stand Siannise to thinking she is excellent," one person said. "Totally love her pep talks."

Another said, "The one islander who has completely won me over is Siannise. The way she looks at things is spot on."


Others have said, "I misjudged Siannise when she entered the villa. I bloody love the girl. She’s brilliant," and, "We all misjudged Siannise – she’s a f*cking gem."

With fans like these in her corner, and with a solid partnership with Luke T, this Bristol-native could soon become the winner of winter Love Island. Watch this space.

Love Island continues on ITV2 / Virgin Media One at 9 pm.

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