Show Me The Ads

Since abandoning the idea of having a television we've become somewhat addicted to good ads, almost as though we miss those brain dead moments in-between shows, where our attention can sink to half-mast. But these make you sit up and pay attention and you really need to see them?

    1. One of Germany's largest supermarket chains EDEKA released this ad over the weekend. It is an ACTUAL ad. Where has this man been all our lives? Apparently he rose to fame over last summer after featuring in a music video shot in Berlin. He normally works as a puppeteer. Love him!

    1. This ad run by a Norwegian charity for children made our hearts melt. From a hipster to a granny, they all take their coats off for little Johannes. Major Aw...

  1. Three combined the two most viralsome things on the interwebs - cute kids and cute kittens. The #SingItKitty video makes us forget our phone bill woes and give thema a little hat tip... ?

Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna

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