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It's party season and the stark reality has just dawned on you that you should have started your little black dress workout in October.? Well it's too late to drop a stone, but it's not too late to fake it and emerge at the Christmas event looking absolutely fabulous. Get the body you want with this plan that the pros like to keep to themselves!

Try these 5 Super Charged Moves twice a day for 3-5 days

There's nothing quite like using the big muscle groups to get your metabolism going and these moves can get your heart pumping and leave your limbs looking toned and tight in no time.

50 Plie Squats - To Lift Your Bum - Stand with your feet wide apart & turned out (think ballet class second position).? Then bend your knees and lower your hips towards the floor, opening your knees out to the side & keep your chest lifted.? How low can you go?? Go deep to really get good tone & then lift back up until your legs are straight - Repeat

30 Lunges Each Leg - To Tone Your Legs - Take a big step out in front, bend your front knee and keep your back leg straight.? Try to get your front leg parallel with the floor.? Lift your back heel to get a deeper lunge. Then lower and lift 30 times before you change legs.? Feel the burn with this one!


20 Ice Skaters - To Get Your Heart Rate Up & Challenge Your Balance - Start with your feet side by side and knees bent.? Take a big jump to the right landing on the right leg and then followed by the left but don't put your left leg down - just balance.? Then repeat to the left side.? Now let the arms swing with you, as you land on the right side, swing your arms out to the right.

Plank For 60 seconds - To Tighten Your Tummy - Kneel on the floor, with your hands underneath your shoulders.? Without lifting your hips, step your right leg out behind, followed by you left leg.? Squeeze your tummy, your thighs and your bum to keep your plank really solid and to get your whole body engaged in this exercise.

50 -Press Ups? - To Define Your Arms - Ok so how about half press ups - everyone can do these.? Kneeling on the floor just like you are about to do a Plank - and then drop your hips forward so you have a straight line from your shoulders to your hips to your knees.? Now bend your elbows as you lower your chest to the floor, then push yourself back up so your arms are straight, and then repeat.

Try A 3 or 5 Day Juice Detox - There are so many great reasons to Juice and now with many company's offering a delivery service too, you don't even need to go through the hassle of preparing your own.? Juicing is a favourite of celebs just before a big event, not just because of the tummy flattening effects but many have reported to feel a real burst of energy when juicing.? The party season can be hectic enough so anything that boosts your energy levels is a bonus.

Eat ? Juicing is not for everyone, so try a 3 or 5 day Sugar Detox - Quit Sugar & Starch For 3 or 5 Days and replace with raw, natural foods & flush out your system with water & lemon juice to reduce the acid levels in the body.

Create your own silhouette - Every Victoria Secret Model knows that the perfect pose can create a more taut and toned shape, so if you are a conscious of your figure or shape at this Christmas event, you are more likely to slouch and round your spine. Big Mistake. Instead stand tall, pull your shoulders back, lift your chest and head and arch your lower back - but just a little.? Your body language says way more about your shape that you think.

By Milena Byrne, owner of Platinum Pilates


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