Shameless Puppy Post

Last Sunday marked the Super Bowl, that American supernova event that will always go over our heads but never escape our notice. Also the premier date in the advertising world calendar, Super Bowl halftime is when the giants of Madison Avenue come out with guns blazing and budgets exploding, delivering one minute long capitalist opuses that permeate the Youtube guzzling consciousness like none other.

This year saw Scarlett Jo guzzling on controversial SodaStream (us neither), Arnold Schwarzenegger playing ping-pong for Bud Light, everyone's Ideal Wedding Date Tom Hiddleston laying the Ultimate English Villain on thick for Jaguar - "stiff upper lip is key" - and then we saw the Budweiser Puppy.

The Chinese may be calling this the Year of the Horse, but as permanent internet residents here at Image HQ, we know we are living in the age of the Sneezing Baby Panda. Not a day goes by without someone guffawing or awwing at an animal video on Youtube in the office and surely punishing someone for procrastination cannot hold up in a meeting with HR when baby sloths are this cute? Also statistics don't lie - throw some foxes on a trampoline and you've got 21 million views. It was time marketeers caught on to the appeal of Sad Puppy Face.

This year Budweiser decided if you can't beat ?em, lets join ?em. And thus the Budweiser Puppy claimed the hearts of everyone with wifi access and a pulse. And now McVities are getting in on the doggy act with their new Digestives ad which shows a parade of you-would-totally-steal-them furballs emerging from a cylindrical packet of biscuts. Nobody call HIQA.


So we decided with the tempest roaring outside and everyone arriving in the office door like a sad otter - for otter videos see here - that we made our own puppy gallery of our office pets. See above for the adorable overload. As we said earlier, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.


Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

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