SF Girl by Bay

If you're going to San Francisco, as the song says, forget about wearing flowers in your hair and check out Victoria Smith's beautiful blog, a celebration of modern bohemian style that will?leave you totally?inspired - and give you the worst case of life envy imaginable. Packed with flea market finds, sweet, serene spaces and the hippest San Francisco tips, it's easy to see why this is one of West Coast USA's most popular blogs.

A few minutes browsing through her cheery posts will leave you wishing she was a friend, one you could hit up for recommendations and design-savvy advice. Luckily for us, she's used to hearing that, so earlier this year developed a?gorgeous app. For just €1.79, you get her pick of San Francisco's best design-led shops, markets and restaurants.


Victoria is a total?power pinner?and?Instagram addict,?too, so make sure to follow her across the web for the full 360 experience.

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