Sexiest Man Alive: Jamie Dornan

Because the world seems set on rating people in terms of their sexiness, Jamie Dornan is now able to add another string to his expanding bow: Sexiest Man Alive, knocking our old pal Benedict off the top spot. Glamour UK have released their top 13 (random) and surprise, surprise, Mr Grey and his stubbly face tops the poll.

The divisive Benedict Cumberbatch (at least in terms of those who consider him to be a sexy symbol) comes in a close second, with Tom Hiddleston making the top three. Of course, One Direction fans the world over ensured Harry Style's inclusion on this list. Meanwhile, the Hemsworth brothers earn themselves a nod in the 11th and 13th spot.

sexiest man alive

The list, for your perusal...

1. Jamie Dornan
2. Benedict Cumberbatch
3. Tom Hiddleston
4. Robert Pattinson
5. Henry Cavill
6. Theo James
7. Harry Styles
8. Jamie Campbell?Bower
9. Jared Leto
10. Pharrell Williams
11. Liam Hemsworth
12. Johnny Depp
13. Chris Hemsworth


sexiest man alive

And just like that, the fangirls of the world put their voting fingers to rest and went back to their day jobs.

Who makes your list?


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