Self-care Sundays: Set realistic goals and take control with the inspirational Denise Kenny

As we kick off IMAGE Self-care Sundays, our eight-week wellness series in partnership with Yoplait, meet the first of our experts who can help transform your lifestyle.

A shock diagnosis set newlywed Denise Kenny and her husband Ciaran on a totally different life path. Just weeks after their honeymoon, Ciaran was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Thanks to expert medical advice and a treatment plan, Ciaran was able to avail of life-saving treatment. But his recovery had only begun in hospital and Denise knew a positive mental attitude was going to be key in getting them through.

By utilising social media, Instagram especially, Denise gained thousands of followers by sharing mental health advice and being refreshingly honest about her good days and bad days.


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The first of our Self-care Sundays will focus on mental health, personal development, journaling and self empowerment.

As well as making sure Ciaran's health was prioritised, Denise also began to live life to the fullest, appreciating the small things, controlling and focusing on what they could and practicing gratitude.

She founded The Head Plan, a wellness brand that will keep you inspired, motivated, focused and driven to get to where you truly belong.

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In conversation with IMAGE group contributing editor Melanie Morris, Denise will share the tips she's learned on her own journey, aiming to push you to set your own self-care and wellness goals every day. Denise will encourage you to believe in yourself and to take control of what you can.

She is a believer that self-care and wellness should be practiced daily.


Join Melanie and Denise on Sunday June 21 at 8pm by registering for free here. IMAGE will send you a link to access to virtual event prior to kick off.

IMAGE Self-care Sundays is an eight-week wellness series, in partnership with Yoplait. Melanie Morris will host eight virtual events - all free to the IMAGE reader - so you can access them from the comfort of your own home. Get inspired to start your own self-care journey and spread Yoplait's 'You Time' message that putting yourself first is a key component in life's happiness and success.

Register for Self-care Sundays: Mind with Denise Kenny here.

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