Sean Penn on Charlize Theron Marriage

Sean Penn. Love him or loathe him (and there's plenty who do), he's always been a pretty interesting guy and for the most part, a bloody brilliant actor. He's known these days for his explosive personality and political activism. He first enjoyed a high profile, tempestuous marriage with Madonna and then got hitched with Robin Wright, with whom he shares two?kids. Now he's on the cusp of matrimony with the stunning Charlize Theron, who didn't quite make it with longterm boyfriend, Irish actor, Stuart Townsend. It has also been reported that Penn is about to adopt Charlize's adopted son, Jackson. Keeping up?

In a rare interview with Esquire, Penn speaks candidly about his romantic affairs, snubbing his first two marriages and describing Charlize as the first big love of his life. Nice for Charlize, not so nice for Madge and Robin.

"You say I've been married twice before but I've been married under?circumstances?where I was less informed than I am today, so I wouldn't even?consider?a third marriage, I'd?consider?it a?first marriage?on its own terms if I got married again."

"I mean, I like the tradition...?I'd get married again. I'm in love with a woman and home is where the heart is, right?"

"I'm surprised to be in love. Lot of reasons. Fifty-three years old [when they got together] plus finally beginning to?figure?out why you haven't been happy in a'single'relationship? It could seem too late. To run into somebody now who you care about is a much passionate, deeper, truer and - God! - a much happier feeling. It's a lot more romantic and a lot more fulfilling to be?in a relationship?and to think you're a?good person?within it."

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As far as his exes go, Penn says: ?I'm very friendly with my first ex-wife. I would say that I'm on?extremely?good terms with the children I share with'my second?ex-wife.? Telling indeed.

Penn covers much ground in this revealing inteview, including an interesting take on fame: "What's it like to be a celebrity? Probably like being a good-looking girl in New York City or?Los Angeles or Rome. Everybody thinks they got a piece of you. They whistle while you walk. We didn't create this. It's been around for a long time. And it's not about celebrity. It's about the diminished sense that people have of themselves."


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