Science Says Women Are Better Drivers

The debate for the ages has been settled; the ring has been cast into Mordor. Yes, women are better drivers than men. Especially if they live in Connacht. No Nonsense, Ireland's low-cost car insurance company, have been conducting research over the last two years and can confirm that women are better behind the wheel.

Using data from No Nonsense's Smart Driver tool, 2000 policyholders? driving habits were measured. The Smart Driver is a small self-installed device that tracks activity to reveal your motoring habits. The benefits of using Smart Driver are twofold. Not only will you learn how to drive more safely, but prove you can drive well, and you may get up to 30% off your motor insurance. A discount that very few people can afford to ignore.

Here's some of the most eye-grabbing statistics from the research:

Connacht has the highest percentage of safe female drivers (82%).

When it comes to over acceleration, guys perform worse (69%) than girls (62%).

Dublin women were the least likely to brake harshly (62%) and just under half (44%) never triggered an acceleration incident.


The riskiest male drivers lived in Munster(39%).

Women who work in science or engineering have the best driving rating (72%).

Of all occupations and professions, teaching has the highest proportion of safe male drivers (71%).

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