How to save money in November (so you're not broke in December): tips from Team IMAGE

It's the calm before the storm - the few quiet weeks before silly season well and truly kicks in. Christmas time is unavoidably expensive, and try as we might, we still end up skint by the time the big day rolls around. Presents and endless evenings out mean that trying to save money in December is pretty much impossible. That's why saving in November is the only option.

The IMAGE Digital Team are self-proclaimed spenders, but we do know how to scrimp when it's needed. I whipped around the team and asked how each of us saves our cents coming up to Christmas, and came away with a pretty great list. It'll all be worth it in December....


"I have a direct debit set up every month that goes into a separate bank account. I can't access the funds in that account unless I give three weeks notice, so it really helps me not to touch it at all. I also make sure to budget at the beginning of the month, and pay everything I owe out (bills, savings and anything that I've borrowed) within the first week of getting paid" - Niamh O'Donoghue, Digital Leader


"Avoid temptations to spend stupidly - don't go window shopping and unsubscribe from newsletters that constantly encourage you to buy. Black Friday will be tough if you struggle with impulse buying, but find a distraction and don't waste your money!" - Erin Lindsay, Content Creator


"I've started taking a set amount of money out as cash every Monday and having that as my budget for the week, so I don't overspend. It also helps to go on a total spending ban for whatever your biggest vice is - whether it's clothes or eating out every night. Go cold turkey and you won't be tempted to make little dents." Sophie Teyssier, Social Media Manager


"If you are spending on yourself, only focus on stuff that you really want, and avoid the crap. If im treating myself, I want to make sure it's really a treat and not just adding to unnecessary spending. Save up for something that's good quality and get your money's worth"Edaein O'Connell, Contributing Content Creator



"I recently closed my savings and got a Credit Union account - it's much harder to touch the money, because I have to physically go to my Credit Union to access it. It also really helps to cancel subscriptions that you don't use. I recently cancelled one that was taking 12 euro a month that I wasn't even using. For everyday things, be sure to shop around for the best deals - lots of products, especially food, can be half the price or even less depending on which supermarket you go to." - Grace McGettigan, Content Creator


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