Saoirse Ronan Continues To Bring True Irishness To The US On Jimmy Fallon

Most of Saoirse Ronan's awards seasons interviews have been around the fact that she's Irish and that's fair enough. She is Irish, she does have a strong accent and she plays an Irish woman coming to America in Brooklyn. We also quite enjoy being talked about across the pond, who doesn't?

But Saoirse has also decided to take on the role of a true Irish ambassador by waging war against all the bizarre connotations American think of when they consider Ireland. She?taught?Vanity Fair the art of making the perfect cup of tea and attempted to school Stephen Colbert on how to do a?real Irish accent. She failed, but we appreciate the effort and sense of feeling she put into it.

This week she stopped by Jimmy Fallon to?explain some true Irishisms. She joined Fallon, Don Cheadle and Steve Higgins for a game of?Catchphrase, which is essentially charades and pass the parcel merged together.

Before the game had even begun, Saoirse took immediate issue with Fallon's accent. He suggested that as teammates they work well together <insert horrific Irish accent here> "because of our Irish blood", to which Ronan retorted, "same blood we have, but not quite the same accent". When Fallon attempted to?justify his leprechaun brogue, claiming "I changed mine to be more.." she quickly cut across him with "more...? Not Irish? More un-Irish?". Fallon took Saorise's not-so-subtle hints and gave up the accent for a period at least.

She also got typically competitive during the Catchphrase?game - hands up who else was reminded of family charades during a wet and windy holiday in Donegal? The whole game was just short a few sandwiches, cups of tea and someone storming out over?how difficult The Commitments is to act out.


Next up was explaining to Fallon what a "lock-in" meant and that Irish people don't really do games nights. See above RE: Irish competitiveness. When he suggested that an Irish games night would "end in a sing-a-long" she responded, "yes, because that's all we do. Because you'd know", pointed at Fallon, "being Irish yourself and all". Her quick wit may be somewhat lost on Fallon but us Irish will have no problem picking up the subtle jibe and a knowing look towards the audience.

While there are many things we adore about this lady - she's a super talented actress and red carpet queen - what we like most about her that she always remains her lovely, bubbly self,?and that's showing the US what it is to be quintessentially?Irish. We also loved how delighted she sounds when she hears someone wolf whistle at her. Keep flying the flag Saoirse.

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