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A few weeks ago we got an interesting delivery from an unknown person - it was Saoirse, a self-published mock magazine created by Lisa McCann as part of her final year in London College of Fashion. With a clean design and a light and sophisticated tone, we were immediately struck by the cohesive clarity of vision it presented. So we chased down its 25 year-old creator, Lisa McCann, to find out where her inspiration came from and what she's up to.

What did you study and where??I completed a Masters in Fashion Journalism at the London College of Fashion.

What were you going for in Saoirse Mag? What magazines were you inspired by??I wanted to create a sophisticated and stylish magazine for young Irish people living in London. A lot of fashion magazines these days are very commercial and look quite similar. This was my chance to create something original and exactly to my taste. I wanted to feature inspirational Irish people at home and abroad who were doing innovative things. My favourite magazines at the moment are?The Gentlewoman, Oh Comely?Magazine?and?Thread?Magazine.?I was inspired by each of these when it came to Saoirse.

What's the future of print in your opinion??People will always want to read and collect magazines. They are such beautiful and inspiring things. Websites can't achieve the same level of sophistication or interest and people get tired of staring at their laptop. With a magazine you can hold it in your hands and just enjoy it. That is something that will never die.


Lisa ?is currently interning with Wonderland Magazine. She lives in Highbury in North London. To see more click here

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