Samantha Power

Samantha Power is the newly appointed US Ambassador to the UN and a collective obsession among us here in IMAGE. Born and raised in Ireland til the age of 9, she's yet another great American Democrat we can take credit for. Her background lies in human rights and she is an expert in the study of genocides. A Yale graduate, a Harvard lecturer, a frontline journo, and a key figure in Obama's 2008 election campaign, she's a real heavyweight when it comes to human rights and foreign policy. During the campaign she got into hot water for describing Hillary Clinton as "a monster", but we forgive her this slip. And here are 8 reasons why we think she's a superstar -

  • In the 90's she covered the Yugoslav wars for The Boston Globe and The Economist to name but a few. Angelina Jolie #jealous.
  • She looks like a traditional Volvo-driving soccer mom, but that hippy long red hair also makes her look like the sort of mum who would probably be a dark horse and good fun at parties.
  • She apparently plays basketball with George Clooney and her mother is an incredible squash player we hear.
  • She's both criticized and commended for her hands-on militaristic approach. John McCain was a great supporter of her appointment as US Ambassador to the UN - need we say more.
  • Her first public speech to young activists last week addressed many of the failings of the UN over the past years, criticizing its red-tape and ?entrenched? bureaucracy, adding ?what matters is results, everything else is just noise.? You go Sammy.
  • Her Pultizer Prize-winning book A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide is incredible - accessible synopses of modern genocides from Cambodia, Armenia, Bosnia.?
  • She got married in Kerry.?And she was 38. Props.

This is who you should want to be when you grow up. Yes?


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