Mitchell's Wines then Town Bar and Grill and now...?Saison.

No place in the capital was as emblematic of the Celtic Tiger era as the Town Bar and Grill on Kildare Street. A haunt of Irish politicans and celebrities, it enjoyed a more regular presence in gossip columns than any Miss Ireland or comeback crooner. And now it's back, only this time with a certain je ne sais quoi and a new talented and experience restaurateur at the helm. Ali Barker, owner of the much-loved La Bodega tapas restaurant in Ranelagh, talked about the takeover at Tuesday's launch. "We have transformed the interior, redecorating it in a teal and charcoal grey. The atmosphere is relaxed, much like Town Bar & Grill had been, with a similar price range, and although it will have a formal white tablecloth feel, the service will be relaxed and friendly. There has been a good buzz about it, so I think all the regular customers will come back in."

Also seen milling about the launch: chefs Dylan McGrath and Derry Clarke, stylist Cathy O'Connor and Joe Macken of Jo'burger, Bear, and every other place hipsters sit and gather.


The new-look menu is also to our liking. Head Chef, Graeme Dodrill, formerly of La Mere Zou and One Pico, plans add a French influence to the menu using fresh, locally-sourced seasonal ingredients. Shall we make our Bastille day bookings now?

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